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Feeling inspired to offer their knowledge and guidance to other aspiring creators and business owners, Jess + Jor developed Entrepreneur306 (E306) to provide business consulting and growth services.

E306 offers everything from business plan guidance to idea generation to marketing strategy, along with all the mentorship needed to drive first time business owners toward long-term success, growth and development.

Fortune favours the bold who get sh*t done

- Sophia Amoruso

consulting services



+ Where to begin
+ Building your business plan
+ Business review: What is needed for the business to money, how much money is needed to hit goals, pay bills and be successful
+ Service & product design/organization: Ensuring pricing, quantities, orders etc will reach appropriate goals for success
+ Rental & leasing assistance: Finding the right home for your business
+ Name selection assistance & registration
+ Business referrels: Accountant, bankers, financial lenders, benefits providers, web design, graphic design, marketing representation, etc
+ HR: Assistance with hiring, interviewing, employee contracts, etc
+ Business employee handbook, building it, etc
+ Branding: Complete review of image and brand design, etc



New or existing business assistance
+ Customer service training: Employee training, workshops & improvement training
+ Front desk training & administration organization
+ Merchandising, displays, product placement
+ Image management: Tips on maintaining the professional image you need publicly
+ Business building & growth: Setting goals, making yearly success plans
+ Social media management & improvement: Marketing, involvement, or total management of
+ Promotional sales, creatives & ideas
+ Stress management
+ Employee mentorship & leadership
+ Goal setting, monthly targets, etc



+ On site work ethic classes & professionalism classes
+ Tips on maintaining professionalism to customers/clients, how to be a top employee, what it takes to be successful



+ Motivational & inspirational speaking engagements
+ Partnering with schools, colleges & women's groups, & business team building sessions



+ Looking for a mentor to bounce ideas off of? We are here to help every step of the way.
+ Offering coaching through roadblocks while assisting with guidance and accountability
+ Develop an actionable plan to achieve your goals with ongoing support
+ Improve your workflow & refocus your energy to replenish motivation & inspiration

Success isn't luck, getting a break or having connections. Success is showing up every day when no one is watching and honing your craft, even when you doubt something will come of it.

- Jasmine Star

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